ways to manage stress

Let’s face it, there are times when we are under pressure and experience stress. Although it seems like things are getting worst, we can use coping skills to manage this difficulty.

One skill in particular, that I find useful, is a brisk walk, whether in your local neighborhood or an outing to the beach. This is helpful in several ways; one, it provides a clear mind, allowing thoughts to become settled and at peace. Second, it allows your blood to circulate your body and increase oxygen flow between both hemispheres of the brain (essential for the central nervous system to provide balance and efficacy of neurochemicals that transported from neuron to receptor), and helps relieve any physical or mental tension. Thirdly, it’s helpful for not only mental health, but physical as well, supporting a healthy lifestyle in it’s recommended daily exercise.

Another hand tool for stress is deep breathing. Inhaling deep breaths, expanding the lungs, and exhaling it out helps support a settled pulse, and at times relieves unbalanced blood pressure. Softly and peacefully breathing brings relaxation to the mind and body, and provides a relief or break from any given moment of stress.

If needed, talking to others and communication what is on your mind may help as well. Talk therapy has been around for years, and has been proven to be a therapeutic response to those who are dealing with various types of stress. Whether it be a trigger towards anxiety, or a circumstantial response to a passed loved one, talking allows you to rid of your negative feelings of angst or anxiety. In a controlled environment, with friends, family, or mental health specialists, it is a very effective way to provide an outlet and back control of your state of being. I hope this has been a helpful post. 😀


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