A life with ordinary expectations, is an exceptionally ordinary life.

1. Expectations

Everyday, the moment we step outside we send a message to others, one message being our self-image. The way in which we view our selves, how others see us, and how we see each other through the eyes of another we display and openly engage communication of who we are. Our expectations, goal orientated perceptions of ourselves and who we can be are among self-image, and often are held uncertain.

When getting up in the morning and thinking forward the day, we may often catch a glimpse of who we are. What clothes we wear, which friends we have, and what future we hold is often a challenge to the burden of conforming expectations. Individuals among our community can easily loose focus of who their true selves are. Through social media, and the framework of semiotic messages promoted by social influence and networking, it may be difficult to express ourselves.

Because, being different is making a difference.

2. Be yourself

Being yourself may at times be a scary thing to do, especially when wanting to fit in and be with others. But, let’s face it, wearing our social visage we hide our true selves. Pretending who we are not and feigning who we think we are is no way to live.

Think of it this way, nobody is completely the same, we all have our thoughts, ideas, and feelings to share. It’s called being human, and it is all the more reason to embrace each others’ differences and enjoy the many shades and colors others have to offer. Whether it is weird and quirky, or care free and spirited, our special differences make each of us unique, providing us with our own individuality and a smile to show it. So be yourself, show your difference, and let’s hope others do the same in turning those frowns upside down.


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