I used to prefer my world. Until it surfaced, and I then began to notice a galaxy of others.

1. Expression

There are many reasons to express ourselves, whether it is to free our understandings or to raise awareness of who we are, it is a state of self-potential and a realization of others. Imagination and originality, both pieces of ourselves meant to be seen and experienced by the senses of the world, often for arbitrary reasons remain veiled and shut in by outside forces. Afraid to be judged or to be seen as an outcast may be worrisome and possibly a threat to our comfort, but instead of hiding behind our shells, and veiling ourselves behind bars, we can adventure the world. Realizing everyone has a world to be seen, and by escaping our barriers and freeing our minds we begin to discover others in a much more meaningful and enjoyable way, a way in which is done through expression.


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