Coping Skills

We have all been through stressful times, and with frustration have made events worst. Instead of spending time stressing on the trigger, or event in which brought us to such predicament we should try coping and handle the situation in healthy and beneficial ways. Coping not only solves a problem, but brings enlightenment as to how we are suppose to treat an unwelcomed scenario.

 One coping skill, in particular, has proven to me to work well, and that is a distraction technique. When under stress we can try diverting the attention of the problem, and through many ways, such as listening to music, exercising, or occupying yourself in a way in which lessens the stress to peak.

 Another popular skill is to take deep breathes, softly enhaling and exhaling air through your lungs, and taking time to relax and become calm. If that still does’nt work, you can remedy the issue by finding support within a support system. A support system can be family, friends, or counselors. These people may help provide advice or simply keep you company when going through hardship or mild conflicts.

 Overall, coping skills allow us to better understand and solve a given problem without having to stress too much.


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